My name is Julia E. Godschalk. I'm 37 yrs, born in South Africa and live near Gouda now. I'm an entrepreneur

Virtual & Personal assistant



Are you a great entrepreneur, manager or solopreneur and do you have too little time to do everything?

Do you need someone to manage your complex diary and busy lifestyle? Or do you need temporary support for a project?

Is there too much on your mind and do you feel overwhelmed with your to-do-list for one day, only to have a further million-and-one things to do the next day as well?

Are you looking for a reliable Virtual Assistant or Personal Assistant in Holland?


To trust an assistant and delegate your overall business to her, will give you the great opportunity to focus on your core business and take your company the next level.



I have been a personal assistant for over 14 years now, so I understand how stressful and time consuming running a business can be. You need to wear many different hats: those of Managing Director, Secretary, Bookkeeper, Receptionist, Marketing Department and IT Support to name but a few all just to ensure your business runs smoothly.

I've seen how much time pressure is released and how glad CEO gets when he/she can finally focus on their core business, the reason why they became CEO.

This makes me a very happy person. I love to see the growth, trust and new creativity in the people I work with.


Let me be the silent power behind you or next to you.



With my shining personality I am a powerful support.

I love to work with numbers, make your invoices. Help create your website and keep it up to date. I love to work on projects and I know how to run a team and to make sure that projects are done from the beginning until the end within the estimated time.

It's important to me to have open and clear communication with you. I love to discuss about your company so we can find great ideas to let your company grow bigger and bigger.

When you're out of the country, I can make sure that your business is still running just as you like it.


One of the most beautiful moments for my current principals is for me to drive them to the office or to their next meeting, while in the mean time they can just work, prepare or relax.







Virtual assistant from my office

  • Taking care of your mailbox
  • Making your invoices
  • Preparing your accounting for the bookkeeper
  • Organizing your administration
  • Updating CRM info with leads and create reports
  • Scheduling your agenda
  • Making reservations
  • Reviewing texts
  • Managing your website
  • Reminding you of important matters
  • Placing your social media messages on your website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.


Personal assistant at your office

  • Driving you to your office or to appointments
  • Being a point of contact for your team
  • Typing your speeches, presentations, letters
  • Managing your office and supply
  • Organizing your to-do list and, if you wish, take you up on it
  • Discuss about your company and in the mean time I already make the tasklist
  • I take care of everything during an event, so you can focus 100% on the event and the customers
  • Project management

This off course including the VA luxury!

"You can focus on your core business while I manage your overall business"


To give you the best support needed, you and I need to have a good connection. Are you curious about what I can do for you and your company? Just contact me...

And I have a great team of professional freelancers around me to support you with the things that I'm not great in. Teamwork makes dreamwork, right?!


I'm looking forward meeting you and to be the silent power behind you.


Kind regards,